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Fundación AVINA’s Funding Sources
VIVA Trust is the primary source of funds administered by Fundación AVINA. Since 2008, AVINA has also formed a series of co-investment alliances with other philanthropic organizations in order to increase the quantity and quality of resources available for the strategies that AVINA promotes with its allies in Latin America.

In 2009, Fundación AVINA created a strategic alliance with AVINA Americas, an independent organization based in Washington, DC, in order to give visibility in the United States to the causes that both organizations support in Latin America. This close relationship allows us to consolidate our organizations’ overall numbers under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to present a complete picture of our activities. These consolidated financial statements, audited by PwC are available for those interested.

Most of the resources we mobilize for the region go directly to the organizations of our allies in Latin America. In specific cases, Fundación AVINA or AVINA Americas receives and administers funds from co-investors when this role represents a service to our allies as well as our fellow investors. The following table illustrates the sources of funds administered by AVINA in 2010:


VIVA Trust 20,050,000
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 1,666,667
OIM - Chile 635,061
Skoll Foundation 1,090,000
FOMIN 79,090
Coca Cola Foundation 640,000
ICCO 136,678
Acqua Fund 128,589
Climate and Land Use Alliance 132,000
Other sources 173,977
Total 24,732,062


Investments in Latin America since 1994

Country TOTALS 2010
Argentina 26,789 501
Bolivia 6,750 498
Brazil 38,323 3,398
Chile 19,328 1,527
Colombia 2,777 572
Ecuador 4,784 374
Central American Countries and Mexico 12,790 233
Paraguay 17,620 275
Peru 13,417 413
Uruguay 1,271 116
Venezuela 1,036 80
More than one country 198,245 4,230
Total 343,130 12,217

Values in thousands of US dollars.


The table and charts reflect the cumulative total investment in each country when the investment was directed at a single country. In the cases where an investment by AVINA was directed at two or more countries, it has been classified as “More than one country.”